Membership of SACAS Inc


Eligibility for SACAS Membership

There are two forms of SACAS Membership and the eligibility criteria for both are outlined below:


1. Full Membership of SACAS is open to:

        South Australian Prospective Adoptive Parents, as approved by the relevant adoption authority, to adopt a child of Chinese heritage.

        South Australian Prospective Adoptive Parents who have expressed to the Executive Board a clear interest in adopting a child of Chinese heritage but have not yet been formally approved by the relevant adoption authority.

         South Australian based Adoptive Parentís with an adopted child or children of Chinese Heritage.  This category may include Parentís with children adopted through other Australian State and Territory systems, or the systems of other countries.

        South Australian Adoptees of Chinese heritage over the age of 18 years.


2. Friends of SACAS are individuals or organisations with a commitment to the mission and objectives of SACAS and who fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Extended Family of a Full Member of SACAS, formally sponsored by that Member.
  • Friend of a Full Member of SACAS, formally sponsored by that Member.
  • An organisation with complimentary mission and objectives, formally sponsored by the Executive Board.

The rights and responsibilities of both Full Members and Friends of SACAS differ and you may read more about this in Clause 4 of the SACAS Constitution.



How to Become a Member of SACAS

To become a member of SACAS simply complete a Membership Form and submit it to the SACAS Board.  You can do this in one of two ways:

1.    Open the form at the link below, print it out, complete it by hand and return it to a SACAS Board Member at one of our scheduled events; or

2.    Open the form at the link below, fill in the form electronically and then save the Word document onto your system and then email it to




Membership Subscription Fees

The current SACAS Board hold the view that membership fees should be kept as low as possible.  As adoptive parents they fully appreciate the financial stress of the inter-country adoption process and have no desire to add to that pressure. For the first two years of operation SACAS did not charge a membership fee.  Instead it operated entirely through the generosity of its Board and Members who kindly donated funds and equipment as well as their time and talents.  However as the organisation grows, the Board feels that it is now necessary to charge a small annual membership fee.  For the financial year of 2008-2009 this fee has been set at $20.00 per membership.  (A couple or family group typically constitutes one membership.)  In order to keep membership fees at a minimum the Board will of course continue to seek funding from other sources.  These may include the seeking of grants, sponsorship, advertising, fundraising and donations.


Payment of Fees

Fees can be paid in cash to a Board Member at scheduled events, deposited directly into the SACAS Bank Account or paid by cheque/money order.  New members should always ensure that a membership form is provided via post or email along with payment of fees.  


Cheque or Money Orders

In order to cover Bank Charges please make the amount $20.50 and send to:



c/o 3 Harvey Avenue

Walkley Heights

South Australia 5098  


Bank Transfers

If paying by bank transfer please ensure that your full name is included in order to identify you.  Payments may be directed to:


Police Credit Union

Account Name: South Australian Chinese Adoption Support (SACAS) Inc

BSB: 805 005

Account Number: 5204316


Membership Cards 

In FY 2007-2008 SACAS introduced Membership Cards.  SACAS will be approaching businesses to provide our members with discounts and special offers, and this card will be your ticket to these benefits.  We hope that this initiative will make being a SACAS member even more attractive than it currently is.  .The SACAS Board would like to take this opportunity to thank Kaylee Maitland for designing the cards which I am sure you will agree are quite striking.  The design includes the ladybug and red-thread imagery which has become so synonymous with SACAS and Chinese adoptions.  We would also like to thank Lavaworks for donating the entire printing costs of the Membership Cards.  Lavaworks is a local company specialising in web page design and other graphic design work.  They have some very impressive credits to their name and you can check out their website by clicking on the image below.  This incredibly generous donation means that we will be able to provide Membership Cards for up to 4 years at no additional cost to you, our members.  So don't miss out on getting your own SACAS Membership Card.



Can You Help Further?

The Board are always interested in hearing from people who may be able to assist SACAS in achieving its Vision Mission and Objectives.  Please ask yourself the following questions and contact SACAS if you think that you can be of further assistance:

  • Do I have a special skill or talent that might be useful?

  • Do I have the time and enthusiasm to be part of a project committee?

  • Can I afford to pay more than $20.00 when I renew my membership?

  • Am I able to donate any additional money throughout the year?

  • Do I have cultural, community or business contacts that might be useful?

  • Do I run or work for a business that might be able to assist?

  • Do I have any office or educational materials that I no longer need?

  • Am I a creative person who is willing to share my ideas?

As a community based organisation, SACAS is reliant upon the support of its members and friends.  The Board would like to acknowledge the generosity of those who have contributed to the establishment and growth of SACAS.  We are very grateful for your support.