Feedback from Members and Others


An organisation like SACAS can only exist with the support it receives from its membership and the wider community.  Since its formation in 2004 SACAS has received many kind words of support and encouragement along with an occasional dose of constructive criticism.  This feedback is truly valued and keeps our volunteer based organisation motivated, informed and moving forward.  So if you have any comments about SACAS and its services please email us at or speak to a Board Member.  We'd love to hear from you.




  • In 2008 SACAS was presented with the Children's Week Award for Outstanding and Consistent Contributions to the Needs, Interests and Welfare of Children.  As the primary purpose of SACAS is the welfare of children adopted from the People's Republic of China, we can think of no greater honour than to be acknowledged in this manner.


  • I have now had an opportunity to look at your web site, which I linked yesterday to the AFIS web site. I must say it is excellent! It looks good and feels very family friendly and child focused. It has excellent information that is easily read and quickly absorbed - it doesn't feel as though you have to plough through it to get to the info that you want. All the links and sections seem to be exactly what people would be looking for. The SACAS infrastructure stuff is interesting and well presented also. I am really pleased to be able to link such a helpful site to ours. - Jeanie Lucas, Senior Project Officer, AFIS, DEPARTMENT FOR FAMILIES AND COMMUNITIES

  • You've done a fantastic job setting up the website. I've certainly found it very user friendly and informative. Thanks for putting in the time and effort.

  • Just had a quick look at the web site and you have done a fantastic job. Well done!! Thanks for all the effort you put in.

  • Just want to say great Website and will be of great value as we get closer to the big day. Keep up the good work.

  • My husband & I are <<American's>> adopting from China... well, I was sitting here ... and started to wonder if there were people adopting from China in Australia... well, I came across your site... very interesting.  I have bookmarked your site as the part about travelling is very interesting & also the customs.

  • I have had a look at your website and it looks great. 

  • The website is also a great resource - thanks!  

Activities and Events

  • A really big thank you to SACAS for making us feel so welcome. ..... having a support group like SACAS is so important whilst going through the process. This is something we did not have with our (other) adoptions, and we hope that we will be able to form friendships like those we saw this weekend with many of the people we meet over the coming years.

  • Great to meet with other families who are going through the same experiences as we are.

  • Activities look great , keep us posted.

  • Thanking you for organising the luncheon, looking forward to celebrate our first Chinese New Year with <<baby>> and everyone else in the group.

  • Thanks for including <<Waiting Parents events>> in your calendar of events! 

  • Thanks for all you do.

  • I LOVE Yum Cha! Can't wait!

  • Obviously...your group are also contributing a lot to the adoptive community. I see you have a supportive community which sounds excellent and of course, very useful for parents and prospective parents of Chinese adoptees.

  • It is lovely to see that you are celebrating so many events during the Spring Festival.  Just as we Chinese do.

  • Thank you also for organizing a great night  we really enjoyed the meal and the company, and we have found it invaluable meeting with other adoptive parents and having support from SACAS.

  • We really enjoyed our night out, thanks so much for arranging such a nice evening - great food and great company.


Activism and Lobbying

  • Thankyou for all the hard work in getting our children the dignity of a birth certificate!

  • Finally we can now speak freely in the press without the fear of fines or worse.  Thanks SACAS!


Panda-Play Playgroup (no longer operating due to low numbers)

  • Thankyou for all that you do.  We are looking forward to our first Panda Playgroup for 2006.

  • We really enjoy Panda Playgroup and <<child>> tells everyone about it all the time.  You are doing a great job with it. 

  • "I am really going to miss going to Panda-Play" - Feedback from a child entering school.


  • "This is the best day of my life!"  - Feedback at the inaugural Bamboo-Crew event from a slightly over-excited child.


China Information Sessions

  • We really appreciated the information night you held at the end of last year (most valuable session) & your email updates. 

  • We went to the China workshop last night and found some great tips!

  • It was great to talk to you and thank you for the information.