The Bamboo-Crew



Welcome to the Bamboo-Crew
Welcome to the Bamboo-Crew, a SACAS sub-group designed for children approaching or over 5 years of age.
  This group was the brainchild of two SACAS members who are regulars at the 0-5 Panda-Play program.  Many of our parents and children have formed friendships and a supportive network through attending Panda-Play but quite a few of the original children have now graduated into a Kindergarten and/or Primary School environment.  So the simple aim of the  Bamboo-Crew is to ensure that as our children grow up they will continue to have opportunities to interact with their peers and to explore and celebrate Chinese culture together.  All children of SACAS Members are welcome to join the Bamboo-Crew and do not have to be adopted from China.  See "Who Can Join" below for more details.


What does the Bamboo-Crew Do?
Activities and events are tailored to meet the needs of the kindergarten-primary school group.  Some will have a cultural focus, but others will simply be fun social activities.  In fact SACAS believe that we should never underestimate the importance of having fun and socialising with our peers.  And that applies equally to children and parents.  Cultural opportunities too should always be fun and accessible.  So over the years you can expect to participate in activities as diverse as picnics, camps, ice-skating, sleepovers, dragon boating, beach parties, martial arts/self defence, visits to temples, zoo's, plays, music, festivals etc.  The options are limited only by our imaginations and as participants you can make further suggestions to the coordinators.  Please visit our Events Page for calendar updates on  Bamboo-Crew events and activities.


How Will the Bamboo-Crew Work?
The Bamboo-Crew operates on a relatively informal basis and will attempt to accommodate the busy life of today's kindergarten and primary schooler.  Members will correspond via email and arrange to meet for age appropriate activities/events during the school holidays.  The group will effectively self-manage and participating parents will be expected to actively contribute to the group.  However SACAS will be there to assist in a number of ways.  SACAS will promote Bamboo-Crew events and activities and assist where possible with resourcing and strategic planning.  Indeed our Project Committees are already actively working with this demographic in mind and so as the 5-Year Plan indicated, you can expect to see SACAS increasing its efforts for the 5+ age group in the coming years and for the Bamboo-Crew to benefit as a result.


Who Can Join?
Any child of a SACAS Member approaching 5 years of age or older can join the Bamboo-Crew.  The child doesn't have to be adopted from China, they can be biological or adopted from any other country.  Just like SACAS and Panda-Play the Bamboo-Crew will always aim to be as inclusive and tolerant as possible.  However naturally activities will relate primarily to the needs of children in the 5+ age range and some will involve the exploration and celebration of Chinese culture.  We also recognise that many families have children of different ages and that attending an event for just one age group can be difficult.  If that describes your family then rest assured that all your children are welcome to attend events - even if one or more are below 5 years of age. 


What Will it Cost?

The children of fully financial SACAS Members who meet the above eligibility criteria can register to join the Bamboo-Crew for free.  This is just one benefit of belonging to a community group like SACAS.  The children of non-SACAS Members within the Chinese adoption Community can also attend, but they may be required to pay a cover charge to attend an event in order to cover  administrative costs.  SACAS see this as providing an opportunity for non-members to explore the benefits of membership.  Some events/activities may have a user pays cost attached and this will be advised when the event/activity is promoted.  For example visits to the zoo or other attractions would naturally incur an entry fee.  Joining the Bamboo-Crew does not obligate you to attend any event/activity.


How Do We Join?
Janet Dutscke and Helen Gilbert, who originally proposed the concept, have agreed to coordinate the Bamboo-Crew.  So if you have a child who is eligible and would like to take part please email  You will then be placed on the distribution list for information about the group and its activities.


Bamboo-Crew Photographs
Bamboo-Crew events are listed on our Events Page .  If you have any ideas or constructive input please email us at any time on