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Welcome to SACAS

SACAS has been operating since 2004 and is open to all families with an adopted child of Chinese heritage, or to those in the process of adopting such a child.  We have an elected and accountable Executive Board that is responsible for fulfilling the Vision, Mission and Objectives of our Constitution.  Our dedicated volunteers coordinate many exciting events and activities throughout the year.  In addition to our website SACAS also provides all members with a wide range of information via email.  More personalised advice and assistance is available to members upon request.  SACAS has a long and successful record of representing the interests of adoptive families and their children and of achieving reforms in the adoption space.  SACAS is also the proud recipient of a Children's Week Award for "Outstanding and Consistent Contributions to the Needs, Interests and Welfare of Children".  So if you have an adopted child of Chinese heritage, or are in the process of adopting one, why not check out SACAS.  Take a tour of our website.  Come along to one of our events.  Or email us for more information.  We'd love you to join us in making South Australia a better place for adopted individuals and their families.



Changes to Media Laws - Free Speech for Adoptees & Their Families

During 2013 SACAS conducted a lobbying campaign to reform Section 31 of the SA Adoption Act 1988.  This legislation prevented adopted individuals and their families from engaging in any media exposure without the permission of the department.  Fines of $20,000 applied for breaching this Act.  SACAS contended that this law resulted in significant fear and distrust within the adoption community; that it was  discriminatory and violated our rights to self determination and free speech; and that it's potential for misuse unnecessarily called into question the integrity of the department and government.  SACAS is pleased to advise that in August 2013 the entire South Australian Parliament agreed with us and voted unanimously in both houses of parliament to amend the Act.  As a result of this adopted individuals and their families are now free to speak and appear in the media without requesting departmental permission.  We sincerely hope that this will lead to a more balanced adoption space in which the opinions of those most affected by adoption can be heard.  SACAS thanks all those who had the courage to publicly support our campaign.



Changes to Eligibility for South Australian Birth Certificates.   

During 2012 SACAS conducted a lobbying campaign to secure the dignity of a birth certificate for Chinese (PRC) born adopted individuals.  In August 2012 the Office of Birth Deaths and Marriages began issuing birth certificates to children adopted from The People's Republic of China (PRC).  If you wish to obtain a birth certificate you can visit the website of the BDM Office and follow the instructions provided.  SACAS was delighted to be able to achive this significant reform for the Chinese Adoption Community in South Australia and thanks those who had the courage to publicly support our campaign.