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Charitable Donations

From time-to-time SACAS receive questions from people wishing to donate money or items to Chinese Orphanages and Children's Charities.  SACAS is a support group and not a charity and so we do not accept such donations directly.  However we are always happy to refer people to reputable charities and funds.


Who Can I Donate To?

SACAS is often asked to recommend reputable charities that provide assistance to Chinese children and in particular to those living within Chinese Orphanages.  These charities do wonderful work to improve the lives of disadvantaged Chinese children.  Some of these children may one day be adopted into families in China or overseas.  Regrettably others will spend their childhood in institutionalised care.  If you would like to assist these children please visit the links below.  There are many ways to help.  Some charities accept money.  Others will take various supplies and products.  For those of us with children adopted from China it is amazing to think that prior to their adoption they may have benefited through the work of these and other charities.  Donating to one of these charities will make a difference!




Half the Sky Foundation

Half the Sky provide individual nurture and stimulation for babies, innovative preschools that encourage an early love of learning, personalized learning opportunities for older children, and loving — and most important, permanent — foster homes for children whose special needs will keep them from being adopted.  Their goal is to ensure that every one of China's orphans has a caring adult in her life.  You can read more about HSF by clicking the logo above.





Love Without Boundaries

Love Without Boundaries is a worldwide group of volunteers who have realized that people with a pure love for helping children can truly make a difference. We all donate our time and resources in an attempt to brighten the lives of orphaned children in China.


LWB now has an Australian Coordinator!

Jane Taylor has recently been appointed in a volunteer capacity as the Australian Coordinator for the US based non-profit organisation Love Without Boundaries (LWB).  LWB is made up of volunteers from around the world who have realised that people who have a pure love for helping children can truly make a difference.  All volunteers donate their time, resources and gifts in an attempt to brighten the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.  LWB (US) was pleased to recently announce that their first formal audit was had been completed showing administrative expenses were just 1.5% for the year (mainly credit card and international wire fees).   So when you help a child through LWB, you can rest assured that your funds are going straight to change lives.  LWB has grown from five adoptive parents in the US to a worldwide group effort touching thousands of children in China.

As an adoptive mum, Jane feels honoured to be given the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group of people and hopes to raise awareness in Australia about the fantastic work undertaken by LWB in orphanages across China. An Australian fundraising committee has recently been formed to discuss future fundraising ideas.  To make donating easier for Australian supporters, a LWB Australia Fundraising account has been set up with the Commonwealth Bank.  Funds will be transferred to LWB in the US on a half-yearly basis in order to keep bank fees to a minimum.  Donors can elect which area of LWB’s work they would like their donation to go to (ie. medical, nutrition, education, foster care program or to the general fund).  If you would like to make a donation directly into the Australian account, please email me at for details.

Coffee Table Book - Love's Journey

Australia’s first fundraising initiative, the sale of volume one of Loves Journey was a huge success, selling out within 24 hours.   Love's Journey is a beautifully presented, 176 page hardcover coffee table style book. It is a unique collection of heartfelt stories and images from adoptive families around the world. You will read the reflections that parents, siblings and extended family have enthusiastically shared about the journey to adopt a child from China.  Nearly every page of this book shows a child who was loved from the time the idea of adoption first popped into the mind until the magic "moment" he or she became a reality and cherished part of the family.  Proceeds from this book enabled Love Without Boundaries to:

•Expand the foster care program in China to give even more orphans the love of a family

•Provide surgery to heal many more children with life-threatening conditions
•Support older orphans with vocational and college scholarships
•Provide improved nutrition and vitamins to rural orphanages in need



The second volume of this beautiful book is due for release in October/November and includes representation from every country with families who have children adopted from China.

Donated Wool and Knitted Baby Items

Another of the Australian projects we are currently working on is the collection of donations of wool that can then be knitted by volunteers into jumpers, hats, blankets, toys etc. to be distributed amongst orphanages most in need.  So far our wonderful volunteers have been kept busy knitting and our first shipment of garments is scheduled for September.


More Information on LWB in Australia

If you would like to make a donation, enquire about sponsorship, become a volunteer or help out in any way, please feel free to contact me on  For further information about the kinds of projects currently being undertaken by LWB please visit our website at  and while there, don’t forget to register to receive LWB’s monthly newsletter via email. - Jane Taylor