Counting & Finger Counting in Chinese


One of the things that many find useful when in China is being able to count in both Mandarin and in Chinese Finger Counting.  This can be useful when bartering on the street or obtaining the price of a desired item in a department store.  It can also be useful in conversations with the locals who often ask how old your child is, or even how much money you earn! There are some provincial variations to the pronunciations of numbers and the finger counting examples provided, but if you practice these you will be understood in most cases.  Have a go, its great fun!

Counting in Mandarin

Number and Pinyan Word 11-19 are simply 10 and number, ie:
1.  yi 11.  shi yi
2.  er 19.  shi jiu
3.  san  
4.  si 20 is 2 and 10
5.  wu 20.  er shi
6.  liu 30.  san shi
7.  qi  
8.  ba And so 21 is 2 and 10 and 1
9.  jiu 21.  er shi yi
10.  shi 35.  san shi wu