Chinese Adoptee Links (CAL) Pen-Pal Scheme


International Pen-Pal Program for Chinese Adoptees

(Including those adopted from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

South Australian Chinese Adoption Support are very pleased to announce that the Chinese Adoptee Link (CAL) International Pen-Pal Scheme will be launched in Australia around June 2007.  The Founder of the scheme is Jennifer [Bao Yu "Precious Jade"] Jue-Steuk,, a PhD Student at the University of California - Berkley.

Jennifer, who is also a Chinese adoptee herself, believes that the Pen-Pal scheme provides a great opportunity for children to "make friends in another country!".  The scheme has been operating in the US, Ireland and UK for some time and there are plans to expand it even further.  Pen pals (or email pals in some cases) will be matched according to age and general interests.  Children 8 years or older who have been adopted from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan are eligible to participate.  The goals of this scheme are:

  • To connect adopted Chinese children from around the world.
  • To foster a global community of Chinese adoptees.
  • To promote resiliency and international exchange.

If you have a child who is eligible to participate you can contact your Australian State/Territory Representative listed below.  Where a State or Territory has no listed representative listed you may contact the appointed National Representative for the Scheme.

Location Representative and Email Address

South Australia & National

Jandra Winning,

New South Wales

Mandy van den Elshout,

Western Australia

Khris Ryan-Wilson,


Jan Williamson,


Diane Wright,


Heather Jaques,

Australian Capital Territory

Marcia Grant,

Northern Territory

TBA - Please contact National Representative if you would like to be the NT Rep or to register your child's interest in participating in the scheme.

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