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The Chinese have a saying that "seeing is easy, learning is difficult" and this is most certainly true when it comes to Chinese Culture.  Chinese culture has permeated much of the planet and yet to many it remains mysterious.  As adoptive parents, learning about Chinese culture can greatly enhance both our traveling and adoption experiences.  It may also help our children to develop knowledge of and pride in their cultural heritage.  


The Chinese proudly boast that they have the longest recorded history of any surviving culture.  Scholars estimate this at between 2000-4000 years.  Clearly this web site cannot possibly hope to cover all aspects of Chinese Culture.  Instead it chooses to focus on aspects that are of particular relevance to the Chinese adoption community within South Australia.  This includes advice to enrich your traveling experience and some insights in Chinese culture in South Australia.  We hope you enjoy the material presented on this site and that it inspires you to learn more about this fascinating culture.  


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